thumbs up if you like
Thumbs Up if you Like





This article resonated with me completely. I’m on YouTube constantly for anything from Photoshop tutorials to Lego creation videos, cooking demos and funny bulldog clips and everything in between. It’s gotten to where I force myself never to read the comments anymore because they add zero value to my experience. Have you ever wanted to comment on something but didn’t, only because you fear being ridiculed by those persons looking to be funny or liked?

I guess I can understand why people crave this type of attention through comments and number of likes. We all want to know people are listening. This UX movement article explains it so well.

How the ‘Thumbs Up/Like Button’ is Dumbing Users Down.

I find it interesting and completely powerful that our experiences are being formed in this way so that we are simply commenting for emotional reactions rather than having critical discussions.  If anything it motivates me to push forward and support those activities that help to build offline and personal interactions. You know…educational classes, parks, coffee shops, maybe concerts and gyms or the local grocery store. Thumbs up!