Lights and Furniture have been operating for quite a few years now with a strong market in the UK area.  Even with great success they realized that something was deterring users away from purchasing and noticed a decline in purchases after the user added items to their cart.

Our test team provided a competitive bid that allowed the owners of Lights & Furniture to test us out and determine if we could help.  After only a few hours of testing against the most popular browsers (including Internet Explorer 8/9, Firefox and Chrome) we were able to find some critical issues in the usability of their site.  Users were shying away from what appeared to be an issue in the shopping cart – there was no option available to allow the user to edit or modify their shopping cart.

We provided a simple report of issues and suggestions to the developer and they were able to streamline the workflow so that the user could modify their order and checkout efficiently.  As of today, the owners of Lights & Furniture are preparing for another round of testing in anticipation of their next launch.  Gorgeous furniture that makes me wish I was a little closer to the UK!