Keep It Snappy – Pick Up the Phone



I don’t think many of us look forward to phone conversations these days.  In fact, I’d be willing to bet that most people do their best to avoid picking up the phone during the typical workday.  This is a habit you want to break in order to build a strong understanding of your clients needs.

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Elevator Pitch: 15 Seconds Flat


Elevator Speech Example

Most business owners know the importance of a 30-second commercial or their “elevator pitch”.  They understand why it’s valuable to be prepared in case a potential customer asks what your business does.  Whether you are networking at a BBQ or following Meetup groups around the world, you should have a short pitch ready for all occasions.

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Latin America Stepping Up


Recently in a report published by a leading IT research firm, it was found that Latin American and other emerging countries are gaining huge popularity as outsourcing options.

Outsourcing Alternative Latin AmericaGartner, the leading information technology research firm published results from the 2010-2011 fiscal year recently. Their findings highlight the increasing benefits for outsourcing technology services to Latin American countries as a nearshore alternative.

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Training Users to Help Themselves


The new website is coded, the pages are optimized and your client is ready to start acceptance testing.  If you plan to transfer your knowledge of the website and build resourceful users, make sure you address training with a few different formats. Most users will not retain a short, quick once-over procedure in order to apply it effectively, and then you’ll be saddled with a lot of support calls.

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Navigating the Globe with Saild


One of my clients recently launched a new iPhone app for people who love to sail. Saild acts as an online community for anyone who wants to post where they are going, where they have been and all the beauty and challenges in between.

saild gps logbook






Duncan, is a very outgoing and energetic client from London who tackles almost every fear and then creates new fears just to tackle them too. He is a go-getter. When he asked me to help him out with his social marketing plan, I just knew that we would have fun getting the word out about his new sailing logbook application.

I’ve been eagerly researching anything sailing related and quickly building his twitter following in order to promote his brand and identity. The thing I love about promoting a clients’ web presence is that I get to live vicariously through that project, however temporary it may be. I get to live through the eyes of a sailor. And even though I haven’t been out to sail for a couple of years, it sure does sound amazing to circumnavigate the globe in a floating vessel.

Glimmering Wholesale Jewelry by Noon Designs


I was lucky enough to meet one of the girls from Noon Designs and after realizing that we frequent the same hair dresser, became quick friends.  They needed a module built for their website that would allow their wholesale jewelry retail customers to order on the iPad while at a New York tradeshow.  Our development team jumped to the challenge and then realized that without certain PHP functionality, we would be limited in our flexibility.  Nonetheless, we found a third party source to add email functionality to the web form and we think it will fit well into their operations.

noon designs jewelery

If you are surrounded by girlfriends, sisters or friends, you must share Noon Designs Jewelry and stop by to see their quaint stores in Ocean Beach and Solana Beach.  Simple and gorgeous!



LA Cetto Winery Valley de Guadalupe


Ipsum Advertising Design San Diego

In Baja, we are lucky to be surrounded by an amazing amount of agricultural and organic foods and wine.  One of the most prestigious wineries in Baja Mexico, LA Cetto Winery has daily wine tastings and a beautiful scenic landscape to enjoy with family while visiting.  This is one of our many favorites when visiting the Ensenada area on the weekends.


QA Ensures Accurate Data Mapping


One of the most important aspects of building websites is in making sure that they work properly.  QA testing is often times an overlooked component of the web development process but the Geographic Research team understands the importance.  SimplyMap is a powerful data mapping software application that gives you access to over 75,000 different data variables.  Through SimplyMap you can access market research variables related to demographics, employment, housing, market segments, businesses, consumer spending, brand preferences, and public health.

They hired carsonSays to assist with QA testing during various release cycles and are now excited to announce Version 2.0 of the SimplyMap application.



The Link Between Sleep & Food


The fun thing about coaching is that you get to peek into markets that you otherwise would know nothing about.  I was consulting a Sleep Psychologist recently and ended up doing so much research about Cognitive Behavioral Therapies and Sleep Hygiene that I actually started coaching my family on their sleep habits, whether they appreciated it or not.  Here’s a fascinating article written about the strong connection between Insomnia and the foods we eat that inhibit sleep.  This article offers suggestions for sleepy foods that promote sleep and are healthy for you too.

Janet McCarty Red Line Verga
Favorite Local Artist – Janet McCarty – Red Line Verga











Dr. Charles Freeman relocated his practice from Minnesota a little over a year ago and has a tremendous amount of knowledge in helping others change their sleeping patterns.   He also is a mean cook that appreciates fine art and local chefs!  Ask him for his favorite places in San Diego and his eyes light up.  Great guy; incredible knowledge.







Great Filler Text…Great Taste


Web designers are familiar with the typical Lorem Ipsum filler text that is put into mockups.  I rather enjoy reading funnier catch words while filling up mockup examples for customers.  If I’m craving protein, I may reach for this Lorem Ipsum alternative – one that gives you all bacon related text to populate your mockup a little meatier.

And for all the vegans and vegetarians, there’s Vegan Ipsum for you too!