My name is Aimee.  I’m a Web Project Manager, Business Analyst and strategist for small business ventures.  I work in person and through Skype and online meetings in order to build and support your team through web development projects, operational workflow analysis, and guidance on delegating tasks and building a loyal team of freelancers to assist you.

With a firm understanding of your current obstacles and future goals, together we can specify your vision and create a project plan in order to achieve each milestone.  Weekly status meetings and frequent brainstorming sessions (and some inspiration along the way) will result in stronger motivation for you and your associates.  Acting as a catalyst for positive change, we can increase motivation, lower attrition rates and streamline operational efficiency for any team willing to get the job done.

growing your team - carsonSays Web ConsultingI work hard to build relationships with long-term clients but also enjoy the variety of working on small short-term projects as well. Here are a few of my skills:

  • Thorough organization skills and follow-up initiative
  • Keen judgment in working with clients in order to anticipate schedule changes, needs and potential improvements.
  • Strong customer support skills and proficiency at documenting and resolving website bugs with development.
  • Creative communication style with market appropriate tone for writing articles, scheduling status updates and linking social networks in order to build a strong online presence.
  • Ability to draft procedures, policy communications and weekly Excel reports in order to maintain updated project status for the team.
  • Coordinator of web projects first by building customer requirements and then by working with developers and designers to accomplish tasks and milestones by deadline.
  • Use case creator for functionality testing of web projects to ensure delivery of well-executed projects to the customer.
  • High comfort level in managing clients using various tools including Zoho, Gmail, Salesforce, and Freshbooks, as well as MS Project, Paypal, Lighthouse, and Bugzilla.

Let me know how I can help!