I really love Google products and the thousands of features they constantly throw at their blissful users.  That being said, I have never been so frustrated with my Gmail inbox.  It’s like they are way too smart for me and I can’t always figure out where they built in my favorite functions from other email clients.

Why can’t I ever find the email that I’m looking for within a thousand email threads?  It’s like trying to find a unique pair of flip-flops in San Diego; you see so many of them, here and there and everywhere.  But where is that ONE pair that you know you saw somewhere, where were they?

Do you ever have issues searching your Gmail inbox?  Here’s how to salvage your love of Gmail, before it’s too late.

Some of my favorite Gmail search functions are listed below.  Once you practice these, you are bound to find all of your missing email conversations.  You can see a much more extensive list here:

Function Command Notes
Search by Keyword “Quote” Searches all body text and subject lines with the keyword “Quote”
Search by Date After: 2012/03/28 or Before: 2012/03/28 Must use the YYYY/MM/DD format
Search by Subject Line Subject: GoDaddy This searches for keyword GoDaddy in the subject line only
Filter by recipient and subject From: carsonsays@gmail.com PayPal This would search all emails from carsonsays@gmail with the keyword PayPal in the body text
Search for exact phrase “best hosting provider” This would search for the exact phrase specified in quotes
Filter all unread emails Is: unread Returns all unread emails