Kids In the House Launch


I’m so excited about this website.

Kids in the House Launch launched in April and I was thrilled to help them QA and Beta test their site before the launch.  Being a mom, I find so many of their videos valuable and the production quality of each video is top-notch and glamorous.

We tested their application to ensure that it was problem-free on all the most popular browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and even older versions of IE. They have a strong support team and I’m happy to see them through a successful launch!

Navigating the Globe with Saild


One of my clients recently launched a new iPhone app for people who love to sail. Saild acts as an online community for anyone who wants to post where they are going, where they have been and all the beauty and challenges in between.

saild gps logbook






Duncan, is a very outgoing and energetic client from London who tackles almost every fear and then creates new fears just to tackle them too. He is a go-getter. When he asked me to help him out with his social marketing plan, I just knew that we would have fun getting the word out about his new sailing logbook application.

I’ve been eagerly researching anything sailing related and quickly building his twitter following in order to promote his brand and identity. The thing I love about promoting a clients’ web presence is that I get to live vicariously through that project, however temporary it may be. I get to live through the eyes of a sailor. And even though I haven’t been out to sail for a couple of years, it sure does sound amazing to circumnavigate the globe in a floating vessel.

QA Ensures Accurate Data Mapping


One of the most important aspects of building websites is in making sure that they work properly.  QA testing is often times an overlooked component of the web development process but the Geographic Research team understands the importance.  SimplyMap is a powerful data mapping software application that gives you access to over 75,000 different data variables.  Through SimplyMap you can access market research variables related to demographics, employment, housing, market segments, businesses, consumer spending, brand preferences, and public health.

They hired carsonSays to assist with QA testing during various release cycles and are now excited to announce Version 2.0 of the SimplyMap application.