Creating a Sense of Urgency


How do you find a developer that works with a sense of urgency?  Don’t we all want everything faster, better and cheaper?  Working with developers in offshore timezones can be frustrating and creates serious lag time in getting your web site fixed up the way you need it.  There are many factors in making sure your developer stays on track. Many times, deadlines and money or potential payments dictate how urgently they will respond to your tasks.

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Affordable Website Development, but Nearshore


Offshore Alternative

Many companies turn their efforts offshore to build website applications, only to sour any hopeful ambitions after communication issues and lengthy turnaround times hinder what could have been a great web project.


Why hire a team in Mexico for affordable web design?


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Latin America Stepping Up


Recently in a report published by a leading IT research firm, it was found that Latin American and other emerging countries are gaining huge popularity as outsourcing options.

Outsourcing Alternative Latin AmericaGartner, the leading information technology research firm published results from the 2010-2011 fiscal year recently. Their findings highlight the increasing benefits for outsourcing technology services to Latin American countries as a nearshore alternative.

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Training Users to Help Themselves


The new website is coded, the pages are optimized and your client is ready to start acceptance testing.  If you plan to transfer your knowledge of the website and build resourceful users, make sure you address training with a few different formats. Most users will not retain a short, quick once-over procedure in order to apply it effectively, and then you’ll be saddled with a lot of support calls.

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Glimmering Wholesale Jewelry by Noon Designs


I was lucky enough to meet one of the girls from Noon Designs and after realizing that we frequent the same hair dresser, became quick friends.  They needed a module built for their website that would allow their wholesale jewelry retail customers to order on the iPad while at a New York tradeshow.  Our development team jumped to the challenge and then realized that without certain PHP functionality, we would be limited in our flexibility.  Nonetheless, we found a third party source to add email functionality to the web form and we think it will fit well into their operations.

noon designs jewelery

If you are surrounded by girlfriends, sisters or friends, you must share Noon Designs Jewelry and stop by to see their quaint stores in Ocean Beach and Solana Beach.  Simple and gorgeous!