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This article resonated with me completely. I’m on YouTube constantly for anything from Photoshop tutorials to Lego creation videos, cooking demos and funny bulldog clips and everything in between. It’s gotten to where I force myself never to read the comments anymore because they add zero value to my experience. Have you ever wanted to comment on something but didn’t, only because you fear being ridiculed by those persons looking to be funny or liked?

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Elevators are Uncomfortable – Aren’t They?




I have a serious love-hate relationship with elevators.  I love them for the glorious way they allow me to avoid stressing out my quads while wearing high heels. I hate them for the fact that they are too fast. Too fast to start a meaningful conversation that might actually be enlightening or enjoyable. The elevator is like a black hole that doesn’t offer enough time for a meaningful conversation if you have never been formerly introduced and too much time to just say “good morning”.

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Design Fail – Swipe with Consistency!



Design Usability
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You know it’s a huge design fail if it takes longer to swipe your credit card than merely hand it to the cash register clerk standing behind the counter. Remember how easy it was to hand your credit card over, swipe and hand it back? Why was that process so difficult that we had to redesign it a thousand different ways into a chaos of consistent confusion?

My heart goes out to the clerks these days who no longer can simply swipe your card for you. Now they have to patiently wait while each and every person struggles with the self-swiper and then they patiently (assuming great will power) walk through each struggling user to the next step “Click the next button please. Now click Accept. Could you sign please and then click OK?”.

Fast Company analyzes the issue further but I think it’s much, much deeper than which side the magnetic strip is on. Please someone, give me a 3-step standardized process that is the same for every merchant! I will wait for the day.

Kids In the House Launch


I’m so excited about this website.

Kids in the House Launch launched in April and I was thrilled to help them QA and Beta test their site before the launch.  Being a mom, I find so many of their videos valuable and the production quality of each video is top-notch and glamorous.

We tested their application to ensure that it was problem-free on all the most popular browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and even older versions of IE. They have a strong support team and I’m happy to see them through a successful launch!

Great Filler Text…Great Taste


Web designers are familiar with the typical Lorem Ipsum filler text that is put into mockups.  I rather enjoy reading funnier catch words while filling up mockup examples for customers.  If I’m craving protein, I may reach for this Lorem Ipsum alternative – one that gives you all bacon related text to populate your mockup a little meatier.

And for all the vegans and vegetarians, there’s Vegan Ipsum for you too!