Affordable Website Development, but Nearshore


Offshore Alternative

Many companies turn their efforts offshore to build website applications, only to sour any hopeful ambitions after communication issues and lengthy turnaround times hinder what could have been a great web project.


Why hire a team in Mexico for affordable web design?


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Write Down That Wish List!



I meet incredibly intelligent people at networking events who come up with unique and passionate business ideas.  One of the first things these business adventurists reach for when deciding to kick-off their idea is a web developer.  This is smart because every business needs a good web presence, but there is a reason to hold off before jumping in with both feet.




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Transparency and Trust is Key




Transparency & Trust is Key
photo credit: mconners

Building a team takes honesty and consistency and most important transparency.  I’ve worked as an employee on more than 50 different corporate teams and I’ve seen firsthand how dishonesty by elimination of information can create bitter, resentful and skittish employees. I know almost everyone has worked for someone that they just didn’t trust, not because they had ever caught them lying, but they never felt they were telling the whole truth either.


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Gmail Search Tips for the Lost Email


I really love Google products and the thousands of features they constantly throw at their blissful users.  That being said, I have never been so frustrated with my Gmail inbox.  It’s like they are way too smart for me and I can’t always figure out where they built in my favorite functions from other email clients.

Why can’t I ever find the email that I’m looking for within a thousand email threads?  It’s like trying to find a unique pair of flip-flops in San Diego; you see so many of them, here and there and everywhere.  But where is that ONE pair that you know you saw somewhere, where were they?

Do you ever have issues searching your Gmail inbox?  Here’s how to salvage your love of Gmail, before it’s too late.

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Tackle Your Fears – Ride the Wave


It’s so easy to let a project or a long list of tasks become daunting.  And the moment you feel overwhelmed by something on your to-do list, the more slippery the slope becomes.  The anxiety builds and the procrastination exponentially grows along with your stress and new avoidance tactics.

As a coach, I run into a lot of projects that seem insurmountable only because of the anxiety and doubt that is amplified before starting the project.  For this reason, it’s important to strike when the iron is hot and the task is new, before your mind starts doubting your abilities.  If you miss the small window of opportunity at the beginning of the task, it will be harder to build momentum and push the project forward.

Here’s how to deal with anxiety during your project.

We are going to make a list.  First you should consider the entire task at a high level.  What is the ultimate goal?  Write your goal at the top of the document.

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Keep It Snappy – Pick Up the Phone



I don’t think many of us look forward to phone conversations these days.  In fact, I’d be willing to bet that most people do their best to avoid picking up the phone during the typical workday.  This is a habit you want to break in order to build a strong understanding of your clients needs.

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Elevator Pitch: 15 Seconds Flat


Elevator Speech Example

Most business owners know the importance of a 30-second commercial or their “elevator pitch”.  They understand why it’s valuable to be prepared in case a potential customer asks what your business does.  Whether you are networking at a BBQ or following Meetup groups around the world, you should have a short pitch ready for all occasions.

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Latin America Stepping Up


Recently in a report published by a leading IT research firm, it was found that Latin American and other emerging countries are gaining huge popularity as outsourcing options.

Outsourcing Alternative Latin AmericaGartner, the leading information technology research firm published results from the 2010-2011 fiscal year recently. Their findings highlight the increasing benefits for outsourcing technology services to Latin American countries as a nearshore alternative.

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Glimmering Wholesale Jewelry by Noon Designs


I was lucky enough to meet one of the girls from Noon Designs and after realizing that we frequent the same hair dresser, became quick friends.  They needed a module built for their website that would allow their wholesale jewelry retail customers to order on the iPad while at a New York tradeshow.  Our development team jumped to the challenge and then realized that without certain PHP functionality, we would be limited in our flexibility.  Nonetheless, we found a third party source to add email functionality to the web form and we think it will fit well into their operations.

noon designs jewelery

If you are surrounded by girlfriends, sisters or friends, you must share Noon Designs Jewelry and stop by to see their quaint stores in Ocean Beach and Solana Beach.  Simple and gorgeous!



The Link Between Sleep & Food


The fun thing about coaching is that you get to peek into markets that you otherwise would know nothing about.  I was consulting a Sleep Psychologist recently and ended up doing so much research about Cognitive Behavioral Therapies and Sleep Hygiene that I actually started coaching my family on their sleep habits, whether they appreciated it or not.  Here’s a fascinating article written about the strong connection between Insomnia and the foods we eat that inhibit sleep.  This article offers suggestions for sleepy foods that promote sleep and are healthy for you too.

Janet McCarty Red Line Verga
Favorite Local Artist – Janet McCarty – Red Line Verga











Dr. Charles Freeman relocated his practice from Minnesota a little over a year ago and has a tremendous amount of knowledge in helping others change their sleeping patterns.   He also is a mean cook that appreciates fine art and local chefs!  Ask him for his favorite places in San Diego and his eyes light up.  Great guy; incredible knowledge.